This bra raised $1.5 M on Kickstarter
The Evolution Bra from Knix isn’t just the comfiest thing you’ll put on in the morning – it’s also got enough support to get you through a crazy long day.
Joanna Griffiths is an entrepreneur who saw a huge gap in the market for women’s intimates and jumped right in. She created a prototype and took it to Kickstarter. The Evolution Bra went on to become the most funded fashion project ever, with over 20,000 women contributing over $1.5 million to get it developed!
"Is there anything this bra CAN'T do?"
What makes The Original Evolution Bra different?
The Original Evolution Bra was wear-tested on hundreds of women of all shapes and sizes. There’s no underwire, but it’s revolutionary design supports women up to a 42E. Basically, it’s comfort, support and versatility all wrapped into one. From lounging to being on the move, work to working out, and day to night, this bra can do it all!
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Say goodbye to all the unnecessary pinching, rubbing, poking, jabbing and squishing of the underwire bras of the past. The innovative design of The Original Evolution Bra provides all-day comfort and support without the underwire. Here are some of its key features:
  • Wire-free, seamless design
  • 360° support
  • Reversible
  • Moisture-wicking, anti-odor, quick-dry fabric
  • 30-Day Wash & Wear Guarantee

The Original 

Evolution Bra

Wire-free comfort & support.
1000s of 5-Star Reviews.
Try it risk free for 30 days.
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Women are finally ditching the underwire
Once you go wire-free, there’s no going back. Don’t believe us? Well, you have to hear what customers are saying. Like Ann, who loved her Original Evolution Bra because she no longer felt the need to rip off her bra as soon as she got home. Read her review here.

With over 10,000 5-star reviews and counting, the reaction has been amazing:
“I can bike to work or at lunch in this bra and enjoy the support, and the fabric wicks away moisture and odor”
“How did I live without this bra before?”
“Finally no more wires or inflexible bras. This one is comfortable, supportive and travels well... I definitely recommend!”
Need MORE reasons to get an Original Evolution Bra?
  • You can wear it to the office, to lift weights, to walk the dog, to the cottage, to lounge on the couch, do yoga, make dinner…. You get the point right? It’s next level versatile.
  • Because there’s no worse feeling than when wire comes poking through your bra.
  • It’s designed to shape to your unique body over time. Wear it, wash it, get comfy in it. And if after 30 days your still not sure of the fit, we’ll help you find a better fit.
  • Because comfort and support is a thing. Have your cake and eat it too.
  • Did we mention there is no uncomfortable wires?
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About Knix
At Knix, we believe women shouldn’t be confined to what’s conventional. That’s why what we do feels so unlike anything you’ve worn before. To put it simply, we make intimates that you’ll love to live in.
The Evolution Bra
Wire-free comfort & support. 1000s of 5-Star Reviews. Try it risk free for 30 days.
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