Supply Chain Compliance

This Statement is made on behalf of Knix Wear Inc. pursuant to section 11 of the Fighting Against Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chains Act.

Modern slavery, including forced and child labour, is contrary to Knix’s mission and values. Knix does not tolerate forced labour or child labour within its organization or within those of its suppliers.
At Knix, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and expect our employees and suppliers to act with integrity and comply with applicable laws and regulations in the jurisdictions within which we operate.
About Knix
Knix is a Canadian-founded intimate apparel brand that is re-inventing intimates for real life. Through its innovative products and engaged community, Knix empowers people everywhere to live unapologetically free.
Our Structure, Operations and Supply Chain
Headquartered in Toronto, Knix’s principal supply chain involves the purchase of goods from international suppliers.
Knix manages modern slavery risk through a variety of policies, processes and practices which are outlined in this Statement.
Risks of Modern Slavery in our Operations and Supply Chain
Knix recognizes that forced and child labour are known risks within the apparel industry. To date, Knix has not identified any forced labour or child labour in our activities and supply chain.

Knix’s Ethical Supply Chain Guidelines prohibit forced and child labour by its suppliers. All suppliers are required to sign Knix’s master supplier agreement and Ethical Supply Chain Guidelines. Knix engages a reputable, independent third-party to perform an annual social compliance audit of its suppliers. In addition, Knix employees, including senior executives, frequently travel to suppliers’ facilities for in-person site visits.  

Our Framework and Policies

Supplier Code of Conduct
Knix’s Ethical Supply Chain Guidelines prohibit forced and child labour.

Contractual Clauses
Knix has developed and implemented anti-forced and child labour contractual clauses which suppliers are required to agree to. Knix maintains the right to monitor supplier compliance and audit their practices accordingly.

Independent Third-Party Audit
Knix engages a reputable, independent third party to perform an annual audit of supplier partner practices.

Our Training
Select segments of Knix employees who oversee and engage with its supply chain are trained on the Supplier Code of Conduct and independent third-party audit process. Knix leverages its third-party audit to assess the effectiveness of its frameworks and policies.

Knix remains committed to preventing modern slavery from taking place in our business and supply chain. Knix will continue to review its policies, procedures and practices periodically to determine any enhancement it can make to help prevent modern slavery.

This Statement was approved by the board members of Knix Wear Inc. on March 27, 2024.