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Period Poverty
2022-2023 Mandate

Addressing Period Poverty
& Menstrual Equity

Our six grant recipients have used their grant funds for:
✓ A van to distribute products
✓ Translating a period guide into a number of different languages including Indigenous languages
✓ Operating costs to support with distribution and programming
✓ Providing affordable menstrual products to Northern Indigenous Communities
✓ Programming to provide menstrual health education to youth

2022-2023 Knix Fund Recipients

Knix Fund
2023-2024 COHORT

Docs for change

A collaboration between Knix and Catalyst, to self-finance and produce female-forward stories that ignite conversation and inspire change. 

Catalyst is a mission-driven, for-profit business dedicated to catalyzing the creation of commercially viable content for an underserved global market by powering women creators and investing in their ideas. 

By partnering with like-minded filmmakers, this initiative will fully fund eye-opening feature documentaries about issues and stories that matter and speak to women, with the aim of igniting meaningful dialogue, breaking historical barriers, ending stigma, igniting conversation and inspiring change.

Our new focused giving program is inspired by our community and fueled by our passion to build a better tomorrow.