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5 Reasons to
Switch to Knix
Leakproof Undies
5 Reasons to Switch to Knix Leakproof Undies
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They're Ultra Absorbant
They absorb up to 2 tampons worth of liquid. Wear them worry-free on light days or as backup protection for heavy ones.
They’re Anti-Odor!
We use carbon cotton as a chemical-free antimicrobial agent, eliminating any odor between washes.
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They Keep You Dry
Fabric wicks moisture away from your skin, dries 2-3x faster, and prevents anything from leaking through to your clothes.
They’re Machine Washable
Just toss them in your handy Knix lingerie wash bag. Wash them on cold, and lay flat to dry. Quick and easy.
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Bye-Bye, Panty Lines!
They’re totally seamless, so they stay undetectable under even the tightest leggings.
What Women Are Saying About Knix Leakproof
"Ordering more to replace all of my underwear!"
Carol W.
"Easy to wash and quick to dry which is a great plus for traveling."
Babette P.
"They saved me the very first time I wore them."
Laura H.
"They’ve changed my period game. Wish I had have bought them sooner but glad I did now. I’ll never go through another period without them!"
Abigail V.
"These fit well and have a sleek design. The material is very soft. I used them on a hot day doing yard work & it was so much better than feeling a sweaty pad!"
Amy D.
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