5 Reasons to
Switch to Knix
Leakproof Undies
5 Reasons to Switch to Knix Leakproof Undies
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They’re Super Absorbent
From our Super Leakproof Underwear (absorbs up to 8 tampons of blood) to our Leakproof Thong (absorbs about the same as 1), we’ve designed our underwear to protect against all kinds of period leaks, bladder leaks, and sweat.
They’re Anti-Odor
The chemical-free top layer is composed of natural fabrics that restrict the growth of bacteria, eliminating any odor between washes. So you can feel fresh and dry no matter what!
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They Look & Feel Like Normal Undies
Our incredibly soft and stretchy fabric gives you the fit you want, without the bulk. And the built-in protection relaxes with wash and wear so that you barely even notice it.
They’re Machine Washable
Just toss them in the machine, and wash them on cold. It’s that easy!
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Bye-Bye, Panty Lines!
They’re totally seamless, so they stay undetectable under even your thinnest leggings.
What Women Are Saying About Knix Leakproof
"They saved me the very first time I wore them."
Laura H.
"Ordering more to replace all of my underwear!"
Carol W.
"Easy to wash and quick to dry which is a great plus for traveling."
Babette P.
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