Period Underwear

Now with more styles and absorbencies. All of the protection, none of the bulk. Bundle & Save up to 25% on all Leakproof Underwear.

UltraThin Leakproof Underwear

Pushing the limits of leakproof technology. Unbelievably thin undies so you can feel the protection and not the bulk.

Lightest Absorbency

Lightest periods, spotting, sweat & discharge - absorbs about 0.5-1 regular tampon worth.

Light Absorbency

Light periods, backup protection & sweat - absorbs about 1-3 regular tampons’ worth.

Medium Absorbency

Medium periods, light bladder leaks & sweat - absorbs about 2-3 super tampons’ worth.

Heavy Absorbency

Heavy periods, overnight protection & light bladder leaks - absorbs about 3-6 super tampons’ worth.

Ultra Absorbency

Extra heavy periods, overnight protection & light bladder leaks - absorbs about 7-9 super tampons’ worth.

Reusable Pads

NEW Reusable Pads! Leak-free protection designed with a comfortable barely-there feel. Super-thin, and easy-to-wash Leakproof pad that you can wear and rewear. Now available in super-absorbent Regular and Overnight styles for confident protection 24/7.

Teen Period Underwear

Moisture-wicking, odor-crushing, life-changing leakproof undies.

Stock Up & Save

Get all the period protection you need with Knix leakproof underwear kits. Find your perfect assortment of absorbent, comfortable, and machine-washable underwear, and enjoy worry-free protection no matter how heavy your flow.

Reusable period underwear that truly works - absorbent, leak resistant, comfy and easy to wash. Find your perfect style today!

Your leakproof questions, answered.