Period Underwear

Now with more styles and absorbencies. All of the protection, none of the bulk.

Lightest Absorbency

Lightest periods, spotting, sweat & discharge - absorbs about 0.5-1 regular tampon worth.

Light Absorbency

Light periods, backup protection & sweat - absorbs about 1-3 regular tampons’ worth.

Medium Absorbency

Medium periods, light bladder leaks & sweat - absorbs about 2-3 super tampons’ worth.

Heavy Absorbency

Heavy periods, overnight protection & light bladder leaks - absorbs about 3-6 super tampons’ worth.

Ultra Absorbency

Extra heavy periods, overnight protection & light bladder leaks - absorbs about 7-9 super tampons’ worth.

Zero Absorbency

Everyday wear with no leakproof protection - zero absorbency.

Reusable Pads

NEW Reusable Pads! Leak-free protection designed with a comfortable barely-there feel. Super-thin, and easy-to-wash Leakproof pad that you can wear and rewear. Now available in super-absorbent Regular and Overnight styles for confident protection 24/7.

Teen Period Underwear

Moisture-wicking, odor-crushing, life-changing leakproof undies.

Stock Up & Save

Get all the period protection you need with Knix leakproof underwear kits. Find your perfect assortment of absorbent, comfortable, and machine-washable underwear, and enjoy worry-free protection no matter how heavy your flow.

Reusable period underwear that truly works - absorbent, leak resistant, comfy and easy to wash. Find your perfect style today!

Your leakproof questions, answered.